CIA "rogues" drug cartel weaponry.

The Ayers / Rockwell Turbo-Thrush;
Combat Crop Duster and Attack Support version:
NEDS and V-1-A Vigilante;

Combat Crop Dusters: the Turbo-Thrush NEDS and the V-1-A Vigilante:

Buddy does that article make my blood boil.  The aircraft portion is very interesting;  But the article is dripping wet with  information for folks that know & understand the REAL main purpose of the vietnam / LAOS / Cambodain war (not plural).   When the real purpose is known, then most of our big 'why' questions get their answers.  Here is certain things that popped  out of the article that fit right into other matters I know for a fact to be true:

There has NEVER been a drug eradication program in the most appropriately named Drug War;  That war was / is about  minimizing competition and supply and controlling the market, and the boys and girls with the most firepower and most  logistical support get to control the most of that filth.  When the CIA "rogues" heroin cartel could no longer be sustained, it  was transplanted to several places in South America.  That was made rather clear in even official reports of the Iran-Contra  investigations (and countless other academia);  And no surprise that President Reagan's appointed Tower Commission  minimized the so-called CIA "rogues" (rogues my ass) being most central in the Iran-Contra affair;  "Rogues" with the highest  level of direct contact with the oval office (or their isolation operatives therein).

And just like Dwight Eisenhower tried in volumes to warn our dear country, citizenry and politics about ....both behind the  scenes, and publicly in 1961 ....yet to no avail....;  And even JFK warned in his 1961 speach before the American Newspaper  Publishers Association;  Quite a bit of this Ayers / Rockwell project article's information presents quite well how entire broad  communities can get $$$$$ sucked into filth and not even realize it, preferring to blindly / gullibly trust profoundly lying  factions information, and even worse look the other way when things stink to high heaven.  The Ayers article also shows quite  well how filth runs amuk in the secret halls of our govt quite immune and even opposite of our Democracy, Laws, Checks and  Balances and Public Trust.

It is most interesting that the article reports the State Dept wound up with official supervision of the Ayres / Rockwell drugs  spraying program.  During the early 1970's benevelant factions in the DEA, ATF, State Dept. and somewhat in the CIA (because  it's people were so tightly controlled through compartmental isolation and 'no need to know' secrecy), ...were all at war with  the malevelant factions;  Knowing darn well that the planets largest drug cartel by far was run by so-called "rogues" (as  described to public media anyway) operating mostly in and through the CIA with remarkable tentacles in the ATF and DEA and  Border Patrol and even FBI, and up to their grinning necks in organized crime syndicates since WWII.  A comprehensive  shake-up in the organizational structure of the CIA, FBI, DEA and ATF ensued, particularly the ATF and DEA.

As much as I've incessantly studied such filth ever since suspecting and subsequently learning rather quickly why we at the  92nd had standing orders to not harass nor even overfly those white-tarped pony caravans pouring out of the Parrot's Beak  into the East-West band of vietnam real estate (south of Buon Me Thout and north of Dalat) that stretched from just east of the Parrot's  Beak all the way to just short of the South China Sea, remarkably absent of U.S. Forces combat operations;  That article is the  very first I've heard of drug related operations being run from inside the State Department.  Time for a new research intitiative.   Interesting is that it might very well be that benevelant factions in the 'drug war' found advantages of operating from the State  Dept, to throw wrenches into the gears of the CIA "rogues" cartel (again, publicly revealed in the Iran-Contra Affair  investigations).  And it sure wasn't mistake nor incompetence that kept the drugs side of the Iran-Contra coin barely reported  publicly (although plenty to find in the investigative reports).

I detest ...and it's a MAJOR part of my PTSD... having been a terribly lied-to and gullible pawn in CIA "rogues" filth 3 times, ....first in the Army Security Agency, then in vietnam and not long thereafter in civilian life.  I suppose I was one of the little unawares people most-often blamed by the CIA as being the "rogues", when in fact it is chiefs in the CIA that are the rogues who know exactly what they are doing.

I will be delighted to share info and sources with whomever might inquire in earnest in private.  If you have my email address then you either know me or you have done enough research for me to know that your commo would not likely be mere lazy brain-dead criticism,  and that our commo won't be in vain.

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