Peeling back the historic, high-tech, systematic LIES
of the MIC Empire and their brain-washing  propaganda machine:

Prime Example:
The terribly and widely believed lies
about Pork Barrel Deficit Spending

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DISCLAIMER for reliability:  I am not an economist by any means;  But i am a schooled and expert researcher, and quite well informed and aware of politics and the MIC Empire and it's reich-wing / neo-con goons I have worked for twice in my life and know their kind well.  It doesn't take rocket science to recognize a Snake Oil Show and how it's tricks are being carried out.

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Before I show the rude awakening (for most folks) of deficit spending by whom and what for;  It is important to breifely understand the high-tech science of Brainwashing and Propaganda and that it truely exists:

It ain't rocket science to first realize and then be able to recognize brainwashing propaganda and even analyze it, should a person be so motivated;  Brainwashing propaganda is almost always done by manipulative emotional spin on self-interests / self-importance / self-image to lure someone to believe the propaganda's lies and distortion of truth reasonably intelligent / vigilant people would not otherwise likely believe.  In addition to instilling a sense of defense against Fear (ie terror), the MIC / Fourth Reich methodology for the last 23 years or-so has been to instill a license upon even the most absurd selfishness ....while likewise instilling a sense of superiority over a sense of inferiority against people the MIC / Fourth Reich desire to villainize for political purposes, ....especially vying for our most valuable resources, our treasury, our credit and public support for the MIC's agendas that would be impossible based upon truth that independently-intelligent people can recognize contrary to blatantly lying propaganda the MIC and it's Reich wholly depend upon;  Even to the point of quite succesfully making many people believe the very opposite of truth, particularly the truth of the character of the MIC and it's Fourth Reich hiding behind the Republikan facade, which couldn't survive were their true nature and agendas known.  The senses of Self-interests and Self-importance is second only to Fear in brainwashing techniques.  Hitler and the Third Reich had the same agenda and used nigh identical lying propaganda and brainwashing techniques.  The intent and mechanics of propaganda itself as a science & craft is to make people believe something that rational / intelligent thinking would likely reject.  Brain-washing is a methodology of causing an addiction or self defense that anchors the beliefs the propaganda instills.  Realizing and recognizing it just takes more independently intelligent brains and thinking than a brain-washed person usually has to work with ....until / unless they realize it and work their way back to independent intelligence based upon truth rather than the Self-serving / Self-important lies they've literally become addicted to bolster their Ego;  Not unlike any number of other addictions associated with serving one's Self regardless of Truth that would guide them otherwise.

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Hermann Goering; Nazi Gestapo chief, Nuremberg Trials, 1946: "Why of course the people don't want war... But after all it is the leaders of the country who determine the policy, and it's always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy or a fascist dictatorship... Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they're being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger."

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........Adolph Hitler; Mein Kompf:  "The size of the lie is a definite factor in causing it to be believed, for the vast masses of the nation are in the depths of their hearts more easily deceived than they are consciously and intentionally bad. The primitive simplicity of their minds renders them a more easy prey to a big lie than a small one, for they themselves often tell little lies but would be ashamed to tell a big one."
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Poppy-cock???  Well let's see:

Which political party does the propaganda machine say is the biggest spenders by far?

What is the intent of the propaganda machine's popularization of the word "Pork Barrel"?  What do YOU think "Pork Barrel" means?  Which political party do YOU think have been the biggest spenders?

Might the incideous robbery of our treasury to put it almost entirely in the personal pockets of Military Industrial Empire syndicates and cartels be REAL Pig Barrel spending, ....especially when it's done with such deliberate, prolific and profound lies, at the expense of TREASON to our dear country's biggest REAL problems they've led so many bobble heads to think of as pork barrel?

What party IS the biggest spenders by far, ......and by how far?????
I wonder how much more there is that Americans and amairkan bobble heads don't have much of a clue at all about the trash and filth the MIC Empire has been up to by tricking the fool into the republikan party and secret halls of our government, ....while claiming / LYING the very opposite through their filthy brain-washing machine.  Click Here to find out.
Banking bailout ... National Debt ... Military Industrial Complex ... MIC Empire ... Fourth Reich ... Propaganda ... Brainwashing ... Rush Lembaugh ... Sean Hannity ... Michael Savage ... Michael Reagon ... Bill O'Reiley ... Glenn Beck ... Fox News ... Fox Network ... Clear Channel ... CNN ... systematic. prolific, profound, lying, high tech brain-washing machine
Our National Debt by political party comparison over the last 45 years:

Democrat administrations spending over the last 45 years:
$150 Billion SURPLUS average over 45 years, solving the biggest of the USA's problems ...while contilually and relentlessly assaulted by the  MIC.

Republican administrations spending over the last 45 years:
DEFICITS of more than $10 TRILLION; 

Costing every single American man, woman and child about $33,000 of DEBT TODAY and growing at a criminally vulgar rate, ....most of which is compounded even more upon the middle class of the USA, and minimal upon the top and bottom 10% of American earners.  And remember;  Most of it went into MIC Empire syndicate pockets.  Is it any wonder that the phony sydicated scams value of the U.S. dollar is falling like a rock in rejection by the rest of the planet?  $4 a gallon of gas in today's money is 40 cents a gallon in 1970 money, ....and gas was $1 by the end of the 1970's.  Do you think that $5 a gallon makes a bit of difference in the world to these filthy rich scumbags?  Why is it that they are hell bent on destroying our economy and credit?  Might it be so THEY can buy up as much as they can at discount with the $9 Trillion they've robbed from our Treasury?  The $9 Trillion exists SOMEWHERE ....and it damn sure ain't in the Citizens pockets that worked to create it!
3 months into 2008 !
Could it possibly get worse?
You better bet yer butt it can & will !
And no folks, our current vulgar deficit ain't being spent on the war against "terrorists" in Afghanistan and Iraq that the MIC Empire's Fourth Reich goons created themselves;  Although they lie about that too.  Where and how did Ossama Bin Ladden and Al Quedda originate?  The MIC's Fourth Reich claims between $400 Billion to $600 Billion spent on the war, when in fact it's closer to 3 TRILLION, .....and remarkably about $3 TRILLION is missing from pentagon accounting.  For comparison with what happened to the remaining $6 TRILLION, then YOU go search the links below for the paltry amount that has been spent on the Public, even during and after Hurricane Katrina, .....AND MIC GIANTS GOT OR LAUNDERED MOST OF THAT MONEY TOO !  Reckon Landstar (the sole air & ground transport contractor) or Halliburton got allot (anyone who doesn't know who Halliburton is by now, then I don't know what in the world to tell you but go drool over Barney the Dinasaur.)
Thanks allot you filthy Bastards
Demokrats in Congress:
Republikans in Congress:
The MIC Talking Head Idiots;
Moron whores in the poke.
Distribution of Wealth in the United States

Our Nat'l Debt Clock

The War Cost Clock

Into WHOSE POCKETS is YOUR money going right now?

Detailed academic analysis of our nat'l debt since WWII:
But it don't add up .....
What does it all mean Mr. Natural ! ? ! ? ?
It ain't rocket science, Chilluns...
They're milkin' the cows;
...Milkin' the cows, and fleecing the sheep for slaughter.
Terribly gullible Ronnie Raygun
The Fourth Reich.
Like Grandfather ;
Like Father ;
Like son .
A puppet well groomed by the MIC;
Like Father like son.
My "favorite" Rush Limburger cheese philosophy:  "I don't want my money to go to ... teenage crack addicts squirting out welfare babies".  He sure doesn't mind his money going to bomb and roast over a million innocent Iraqi civilian men, women and children, and maim about 5 times that many;  For NOTHING but someone else's oil, and the empire's heroin in Afghanistan, and MIC syndicates war contracts $$$$$ payola to grease the politics;  Freakin' scumbag.  I can't imagine someone believing such a pig brain unless they're brain-washed to the point of absolute addiction to the Self Importance / Ego the MIC's brainwashing targets with phoenominal success;  Or / and if a reich-wing radio addicted idiot is of that character themselves.  And we must realize that the human species has a very dark side of viciousness even to the point of being heinous, ...particularly when humans can sit back and rationalize someone else doing the dirty work while they sit "innocently" watching, and cheering to an amazing degree;  Especially when their ears and eyes are glued to the MIC's 23 year old media conglomerate brainwashing propaganda machine.
Yes, this annotated chart IS very close to accurate scale!!!
American Casualties in Iraq

Iraqi Civilian Casualties

Note that we have now killed OFFICIALLY about 20,000 more Iraq civilians than the 68,000 American Soldiers killed in vietnam.  But the REAL figures compiled world-wide outside the United Snakes wall of propaganda, is over 1 million.
The bush administration MIC puppets are literally the most profound international and domestic criminals every to govern our nation;  AND CONGRESS WON'T DO ANYTHING AT ALL ABOUT IT ! ? ! ?

That pretty much shows whose side Congress is on;  Now fully bought / paid for / compromised by the MIC's Fourth Reich;  And Congress is doing nothing but vying for who will get a few turns at driving the Reich's bus now and then;  While crime is now the law and the average citizens willingly move to the back of the bus and suck hint teet;  And Freedom, Liberty and Justice was tossed out the window at every bump in the road for the last 7 years.

Praise Jarge and his Lard Jayzus ...and pass the toilet paper. ~~~  And may our REAL Lord and God somehow forgive such brain dead and soul dead scumbags and their bobble-head me-tooples.
And the score is:
Just how criminal, sordid and filthy are the Fourth Reich syndicates and goons that so many good Americans have been duped into empowering?  Take a look a one cartel I have personal experience with in my past:

And HERE for the big picture of the MIC's Fourth Reich
An understatement of epic proportions
~ OUR U.S. DEBT as of  March 2008 ~
Approx. $9,359,000,000,000
Laundered mostly through and into MIC empire syndicate pockets;
Held / owned in great part by Arabs, China, India and Japan.
An unavoidable statement for everyone without which neither Truth nor REAL Patriotism CAN EXIST:

Is the MIC Empire and it's Fourth Reich and goons worthy of being called Scumbags???  Well, let's look at a fully reputable expose' of the south american drug cartel the Fourth Reich has run for about 50 years with impunity (remember the REAL instigation of the Iran-Contra affair):
Click Here
[quote]:     "I wish I were a dictator; It would sure make things allot easier."
--- The Peanut Gallery of Bobble Heads ---
Eggheads? ... Terribly gulligle? ... Mentally challenged? ... Wanna-be's? ... Scumbags themselves? ...
Or just good folks who failed to exercise the mental vigilance REQUIRED of a Democracy, Freedom, Liberty and Justice for All ?      ~~~~~~~      I think human natures show it's a mixture of all the above, with heavy imphasis on gullibility, self-image, and rationalizing self-importance, self-interests, fear and self / mob / pack / tribe security.
The best economy in
the history of the USA.
(With over $1.3 Trillion surplus ! )
WHAT HAPPENED ! ? ! ? ! ?
First, let me state that the reason I know the Military Industrial Complex empire's Fourth Reich and their goons so well and call them scumbags, is because 42 years ago I myself fell for their brainwashing propaganda hook, line and sinker;  And wound up in the bowels of their war $$$$$ machine sewer among many others that were equally brainwashed, but also others who were getting shit on the most and therefore saw the sewer for what it was and shed some truth upon my terribly gullible brain-washed state of Being.  When the truth could no longer be avoided, I came to my senses, as many other brainwashed Soldiers, Agents and Mules did too.  I have since dedicated a considerable portion of my life studying who the scumbag MIC goons were and how they are able to literally brainwash so many people to believe such foolish falacies to accomplish such sordid and heinous agendas that are the very opposite of what their brainwashing propaganda claims them to be & stand for.  And remarkably;  Only 3 short years after knowing reasonably well who these scumbags were and how they operated, I found myself again right back in another cesspool of their sewer for a short time;  But to never ever again fall for the lying, brainwashing propaganda they hose upon individuals and the public's egos to accomplish their sordid agendas and operations.

And guess what?  People who were low and middle ranking goons in the MIC's fourth reich 45 years ago, are now chiefs;  And it doesn't take rocket science to see their names repeatedly appearing when the darkest aspects of the MIC / fourth reich shows itself hiding and operating in the secret halls of our government immune from our Checks and Balances, ...such agencies specifically set up just for that purpose;  (Not to demean the many fine people that work in and disguise those agencies of secrecy).

With that all said, let's take a look at brainwashing and how amazingly effective it is to make people believe blatant and obvious lies THAT OUR CHILDREN & YOUTH HAVE HISTORICALLY SEEN RIGHT THROUGH over the last 50 years that the MIC Empire has controlled much if not most of our government ....and certainly those aspects and agencies they thrive $$$$$ on like the heinous war mongering $$$$$ vultures and biggots their agendas make them evermore become:
Check the Nat'l Debt and financial clocks in real time
Falling at approx. $1.49 Billion a day
After 65 years; We have the full maturity and deployment of the MIC's
Empire Coup via Covert Psychological Operations:

Very high tech brainwashing by (among other well proven techniques / methods) massaging humans terribly gullible Egos, Self Importance, Self Image and bigoted Superiority;  Even to the point of those people becoming literally addicted to the only media sources and ideas that feed them that high-tech scripted brainwashing.

The neo-CON rats, neo-conned bobbleheads and sheeple are going nuts, ....dancing in the streets and babbling hog-wash, just like they did when they previously held the Congressional House and Newt Gingrich had to be removed from Speaker of The House due to his losing control of his empire giddy hog-wash hard-on;  The same reason rush lemberger lost his Fox-Noise TV show; ....And most right/reich-wingnuts can no longer see Truth staring them in the face when Truth interferes with their brainwashed selfish license, self Importance, self Image and even remarkable bigotry, or interferes with the sources feeding them such hog-wash addiction.  Pretty strong words; But can I back them up with Intelligence?:
Even the brightest of folks can be led to be incredibly gullible, ignorant and stupid; Especially when their Self-Importance, Self-Image and Egos are systematically stroked into psychological addiction.
Go see Social Psychology........ It ain't a secret or mystery to folks who are paying attention.
Nat'l Debt UPDATE 9-26-08
If congress keeps it's PROMISES lauded over the last 3 days, our National Debt will become right at:
Again, laundered mostly through and into MIC empire syndicate pockets (more recently via offshore Banks);  With the debt SECURITIES aka PROMISES held / owned in great part by Arabs, China, India and Japan, payed by US.

Do you think for a moment the USA would be able to lend against the WORTHLESS fiat U.S. Dollar whose only value is public trust in the fiat that in the most part no longer even exists in paper Dollars but now mostly in infinite streams of 0's and 1's circulating among banks' computers from The Fed which congress funds simply by decree and promises that YOU AND I AND OUR CHILDREN WILL PAY?  So what collateral(s) (AND SIDE DEALS) were given to those foreign countries, particularly those that have little or opposite interest in the people or internal well-being of the USA? Well-known inflated real estate everyone has known for over 10 years would crash along with it's bank skimming, carpetbagging, and the bubble of it's way-over-valued junk-securities nature popped?  Leveraged war machinery the U.S. shouldn't / wouldn't otherwise sell?  Leveraging High Technology sells that the U.S. shouldn't / wouldn't otherwise sell?  Removing in 2000 restrictions from offshore Oil Commodity speculation processed through U.S. commodity exchanges ...that inflated crude oil prices by 200%?  Think our government's iron-clad REFUSAL to audit Ft. Knox's gold content might give us an additional clue why gold and silver commodity supply has kept their prices about 25% of what known world supply data shows the price should be, ....shoring up an exodus from the U.S. Dollar and U.S. stocks that today has congress scared to death will occur as it steadily has, particularly over the last 7 years? U.S. mineral, mining, oil, gas and coal  assets contracts or outright ownership?  Reckon the present banking bailouts might have a strong aspect of real estate carpetbagging & cream-skimming scams for the Empire's Fat Cats (they again get the gold ....we again get the shaft and have to pay them for it)?  Why is the Empire and it's congressional goons hell bent upon making the administration and disposal of those "junk" mortgages secret (some are extremely valuable ....especially when sorted out and skimmed off the top), and dictatorial power with oversight checks and balances FORBIDDEN, AND IMMUNE FROM COURTS AND CRIMINAL PROSECUTION?????

Shudder in your panty hose Amairka;  You're getting exactly what you either asked for, demanded or acquiesced to;  And frankly, I don't see much difference between the 3.
UPDATE 9-26-08
....with Congress PROMISING to increase it within the next few days by $1.3 TRILLION.
Falling at approx. $2.16 Billion a day
Our National Debt at the end of the bush administration:
$11 TRILLION $$$
One billion MINUTES ago Jesus was alive ! ! !
1 trillion is a thousand billions.
We're seeing Natural Selection at it's worst.

~ Bailing the Empire out of it's own sewer ~
~ And now turn our banking and economy over to the very people that robbed it blind ???????? ~

Our greatest Patriot Forefathers have incessantly told & warned us in volumes, that when we fail in our DUTIES to be vigilantly aware of those who will always want & conspire to take over the USA FROM WITHIN, by the very means we have been warned in volumes about and have now come fully true; ....then we no longer have what is required to sustain Freedom, Liberty and Justice, our Constitution and Democracy, ....and are no longer worthy of it."

I say STOP BAILING OUT THE FAT CATS AT OUR EXPENSE;  Let the whole rotten system collapse, ....and allow the dust to settle down to REAL values, ....which America and Amairka are way overdue realizing in Truth.


Mainstream America is plenty strong and tuff enough to weather the relatively short fallout of the Empire Fat Cats' collapse and failure;  And that collapse will show and teach both America and Amairka the Truth of vulgar and greedy Empire $$$$$$ MONEY tactics and trickery, ...allot by legislation that the MIC Empire and Amairka Inc. owns lock stock and barrel.  And ALLOT of opportunities will rise from the failure and collapse of scams; ....and our government WILL NOT be able to escape their complicit blame; ....and the new playing field will be MUCH more truthful and honest when the nature of scumbags is seen and/or learned by American Mainstreet that have been terribly gullible and willingly brainwashed on such a large scale; ...and MAYBE, ...just maybe, ...the American People will finally wake up, STUDY what has occured, and make Empire scams criminal acts that will send Empire scumbags away to prisons where they belong WITH LEGISLATED NO CHANCE OF PARDON, particularly government Reps and officials that are SUPPOSED TO BE WORKING FOR US AND NOT AGAINST US.

Divide $700 Billion up proportionally between Citizens that make less than $75,000 a year, and couples that make less than $150,000, ...like our government has repeatedly done bailing out Fat Cats ...and Ronald Raygun simply gave away to all registered corporations when he was the MIC Empire's well-groomed puppet;  And bill it in taxes proportionately upon Fat Cats and their corporations and banks ...and let them figure out how to deal with it like Citizens have repeatedly had to do under Empire Fat Cat scams and bailouts.
The MIC Empire, it's Fourth Reich and Amairka Inc. wanted to seat yet another pinocchio President that's so mentally ill he makes pathalogical liar and megalomaniac geeeDUHbya bush look like an "albert einstein" ! ! !
Each and every American owes approx $35,000 to our National Debt, and growing at a vulgar rate;  And if they aren't in a tax bracket that matches that share, then they lose the assistance and resources opportunities to help them achieve it, that our National Debt has robbed them of and gone mostly into the pockets of the Fat Cats that own our government and created the filthy mess we're in.
John McCain;  Claiming to be Da Man for changing Washington D.C. !

Are prolific lies the only thing these people know?

Do these pinocchio's have any concept of Truth at all ?

WASHINGTON D.C. ????  How about the M.I.C. Empire and it's Fourth Reich that owns John and his Republikan Party lock, stock and barrel ????  Do you really think the M.I.C. or it's Fourth Reich had Change in mind when they saw to it that John McCain would be the Republican Candidate for President?  And what in the world is up with Sarah Palin as VP ????  Could it be that the M.I.C. Empire now has such complete control over congress that they DON'T WANT a Republikan Administration to have to face the sordid mess of theft they have left our country with.  After all, history shows us that for the last 40 years Republicans controlling either the white house or congress always run our debt into the ground, then Democrats are "magically" elected to fix sordid economies, ...even in the case of Jimmy Carter who was hated by many FOR INSISTING THAT PORK BARREL CEASE AND WE PAY OUR DEBT ....for which the Empire made the job of him doing so extremely difficult by pumping interest rates so high that no-one could afford to make the economy work, until Ronnie Raygun came upon the scene, interest rates miraculously came down, and the fat cats of the empire snatched bargains up before Mainstreet America could recover and then have to pay premium prices for the Empire's goods;  And our national debt once again went deeper into the basement with the "trickle down" (actually Flooding Upward) economics lie and tricks.  Who in the heck are they talking to when they laud less regulation and less government when they ensure that only applies to their Empire interests and make sure regulations and plenty of government makes sure they can feed off of Mainstreet America that is overwhelmed by Empire power?  They sure aren't talking to us in Mainstreet America .....except for the prolificly and profoundly lying psy ops brainwashing propaganda they have ever increasingly been able to hose upon an ever increasingly dumbed-down and self-image propaganda addicted critical mass of Citizens.

Quite strange for a man who only a few weeks ago was presenting himself as a geeeduhbya bush clone ! ? ! ?

Can John McCain possibly be that brain dead?

Never in my entire life would I have ever guessed, much less believed, that even one, much less two such pathologically sick men would ever even be able to run for either white house office, much less nominated by any party.  But when an Empire wants puppet talking heads, I guess there's no more susceptible than these two to groom, stroke and brainwash to become just that.

Personally, from my own observations and psych profiles proposed by psychiatrists online;  I think that both of them had some very serious mental problems not being able to live up to their Fathers' strong militaristic expectations;  So their Fathers sacrificed them to the ego stroking psy ops altar of grooming, so that hopefully the Empire could use them in whatever success the psy ops machinery might have with them.  Lord knows the M.I.C. is not short of some mighty sick puppies they've "reformed".
you STUPID, self - centered, gullible, apathetic IDIOTS.
What's going on with our economy?:

U.S. Debt; Spending of each political party;
Long term history and analysese:

Who do we owe this massive & vulgar debt to?:

And into whose pockets is it going?:
From a guy who graduated at the bottom of his class, crashed 5 military airplanes, and made it through the military only by his father's MIC clout;   And who then Collaborated so badly with the enemy as a POW that fellow POW's nicknamed him 'Songbird';  And was brought up on charges of Treasonous Collaboration With The Enemy until his Dad calmed the storm and fixed things as he had done throughout John McCain's military "service" fraught with screwing up.

* Hardly the "hero" the M.I.C. Empire and their Republikan puppets have made John out to be;  Although I feel certain that John's Post Traumatic Stress Disorder believes every word they have stroked his ego and guilt with in his 35 years of post-vietnam MIC grooming.

And it's quite remarkable to me that geeeduhbya bush has a quite similar background of screwing up in the Air Force and afterwards, much to his Dad's chagrin who also had to bail him out far too many times for Dad's militaristic expectations of G-Duhb.

------- oOo -------

* I have the deepest feelings and respect for POW's that endured and survived pain and hardships beyond our ability to imagine it, including John McCain.  But that is Bravery and Stamina and Brother helping Brother, ....as is expected of every military Officer.  It is not Heroism.
Besides President Eisenhower's dire public warnings about the M.I.C. in 1961 (and many more times in private), ...and not that long before tricky dick nixon handed over the once-great Republican Party to the  M.I.C. Empire on a silver $$$$$ platter, giving full power to the MIC Empire as Eisenhower also predicted nixon would if ever elected President:

In 1959 Philosopher, novelist, playwright and screenwriter Ayn Rand put it so simply and accurately that a reasonably astute jr. high school student would understand:

"Watch money.  Money is the barometer of a society's virtue.  When you see that trading is done, not by consent, but by compulsion -- when you see that in order to produce, you need to obtain permission from men who produce nothing -- when you see that money is flowing to those who deal, not in goods, but in favors -- when you see that men get richer by graft and by pull than by work, and your laws don't protect you against them, but protect them against you -- when you see corruption being rewarded and honesty becoming a self-sacrifice -- you may know that your society is doomed."

(hopefully non-violent).
(I like the idea of tagging Empire Scumbags assets with spray paint;
Their achiles heel is realizing that their assets are very vulnerable.)



Give no more license to their
illegitamate agendas & lies.
"Honest John" the Hero???  Then why doesn't he mention (tell the Truth) that his deferring early realease from POW Prison was NOT because he was a hero, but was of his Dad's doings, and as a reward and example for other POW's for Songbird's singing, .....and that the Military Code of Conduct REQUIRES that POW's be released in order they were captured, and that violation of that Code is criminal.
1963 - 2001+
And if Geeeduhbya wasn't obvious enough to even reasonably astute Jr. High School kids with bobblehead parents at home......................
AND; Un-freakin'-believeable.......:
And the neo-CONNED STILL don't get it ! ! ! !  Because they'd much rather have their ego addiction stroked rather than taking any time and effort to study / learn / realize what is REALLY going on behind the brainwashing propaganda they are so terribly addicted to.

Think not?  Then read on;  These are the facts, not some lying ego titilating garbage from Gawd's golden / $$$$$ prostitute microphones:
Exposing the Fourth Reich's MIC empire
and it's lying, brainwashing propaganda machine.
$2.7 Trillion
Mostly in war contracts created by Bush, and rescuing the carpet bagging financial collapse the Bush Administration deliberately caused, and interest on Bush's drunken Nat'l Debt credit binge.  AND WHO GETS TO AVOID THE EMERGENCY SPENDING AX ??? Why of course it's the pentagon and it's MIC contracts ! ! ! ! !  IT AIN'T ROCKET SCIENCE.
Where the hell did they dig up this Manchurian Air Head ?????
She makes Anita Bryant and Elizebeth Dole look like a Rhodes Scholars !

Whose chrome hitch ball did / does she polish for such Empire favor ????
Hmmmmm, I wonder if her magical appearance on the national scene had
anything to do with Alaska's oil ? ? ?  Or it's Bridge to Nowhere ? ?

And an amazing / alarming number of neo-conned amuuuurkan airheads
thinks she's the best thing since red, white and blue toilet paper..........
..... tic-toc tic-toc tic-toc .....

Who will pay OUR family's share;  YOU? ME?  Or will each of us pass it on to our children???  Let's say a person got real patriotic  and decided he / she would take out a loan to pay their share:  Your monthly payment at average interest rates would be about  $1,700 a month FOR 30 YEARS.  But not to worry;  It's a cinch that most gullible "patriotic" amairkans will indeed pass it on to their  children ....but with an additional $4 BILLION ADDED ON EACH DAY to our national debt ....which would be about a $60 increase in  each persons monthly payment EACH and every month !  Gag me with a golf club, ...or SUV, ...or barrel of nasty / sour / filthy iraqi  crude oil ...or a kilo of CIA / spooks / goons afghan heroin.

What the fed, and "our" gov't, and mainstream media jibber-jab, and the profoundly lying reich-wing / MIC brainwashing  media machine isn't mentioning too much at all about, is that those bonds PLUS INTEREST (interest about $30  BILLION per year which is about $800 MILLION per day) is actually A NEW / ADDITIONAL LOAN TO YOU AND ME crammed down every Americans &  amairkans throat, THAT EACH OF US WILL HAVE TO PAY, ON TOP OF the already vulgar imperial national debt.  AND MAKE NO MISTAKE:  The vast majority of our $14 TRILLION national debt has  gone into the MIC empires pockets via war funding, anti-terrosit industries and payola to MIC empire banking (aka U.S. money  laundering syndicates / cartels).  The still-outstanding question and LITMUS is. WHY didn't / doesn't the continuing bailout pay the  bail-out money directly TO THE CITIZENRY to spend directly which would bail out the industries that DESERVED being bailed out;   Which would be FREE ENTERPRISE that industry ...thus jobs ...thus a REAL recovery would have beaten a very broad path to post  haste.  DO YOU THINK THAT WE WOULD HAVE ANY BAD ECONOMY NOW IF EVERY SINGLE AMERICAN & AMAIRKAN RECEIVED  $100,000 IN 2007-2008 TO WAKE OUR ECONOMY UP ! ? ! ?  DAHhhhhhhh !  There is a BIG and opposite difference between Free  Enterprise and scumbag FASCIST / IMPERIAL CAPITALISM.
~ 3 Nov. 2010 ~

Mark my words:
Out of the frying pan and right back into the fire;

Natural Selection at it's worst.
President Dwight Eisenhower became president as a result of political and industrial power brokers attempting to depose and dismantle fascist-leaning factions that remained embedded in our government after being placed there by the martial law logitics of World War II.  Neither the power brokers nor President Eisenhower were completely successful.

Read President Eisenhower's departure from office speech warning us and the planet about the aspirations and dire dangers of The Military Industrial Complex (aka MIC) which has expanded beyond direct military material supply, to now encompassing a very broad spectrum of industries including banking, insurance, medical, legal and illegal drugs, and mercenaries, ....to name a few.  The MIC empire now controls almost all aspects of our government including our Congress, "our" Pentagon .....and even "our" White House to a great degree.  SO HOW DO THEY DO IT ?  Read on:
Spending Lies anchor
2004 - 2010
SCORE update 11-4-10:
G.W. Bush
From a $1.3 Trillion Surplus to
   $12.6 Trillion Nat'l Debt.
~~ 4-1-11 ~~
If every penny of taxes were used to pay our Nat'l Debt starting today, it would take
to pay it off ! ! !
And the debt still accelerates daily.
Notice which Presidents are deficit spending puppets and which Presidents try to stop it !
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Oh, ....and by the way;  What did geeeduhbya bush do that scared him so badly he couldn't fly the F102 any more??  And where was he when he was AWOL from the Air Nat'l Guard?  And why did Beech King Air N6308F follow george around for him to fly even when he became governor of Texas;  You see, N6308F was a drug smuggling jet-prop airplane heavily connected to the CIA's Mena Arkansas drug smuggling cartel.  And what is the story behind the records disappearing after Jeb and geeeduhb were caught picking up a load of cocaine in Miami, which led to the covert murder of the guy that operated that King Air because he had set that bust up?

I suppose that's enough to make any reich-wingnut scumbag chuckle;  I mean the untouchable audacity of it all. 

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